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Our Mission is to Love, Serve and Share Jesus Christ!
Our Purpose is to make learners and followers of Jesus Christ!

Whitehouse UMC is part of The United Methodist Church, a denomination that traces its heritage back to the Methodist religious movement in Great Britain in the 1700s. As United Methodists, we share most beliefs in common with other Christians around the world, while we have a few special emphases that are important to us. Here are some of our important beliefs, plus ways to learn more about Methodism:

As Christians, we believe in:

The Triune God – We worship and serve one God known to the world in three Persons –  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe God created all things, redeems all things, and sustains all things.

Jesus Christ – We believe Jesus Christ is God-in-the-flesh – the divine Son became human, lived among us, and showed us the fullness of God’s love through his teachings and actions. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus conquered sin and death.

The Bible – We believe the Bible is God’s word for us, and it is the foundation of what the Church says about God and how we order our lives as followers of God.

Grace – We believe grace is God’s unconditional love in action, which draws all people to a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ, forgives us of our sins, and works in us to make us truly whole.

The Church – We believe the Church in every form is the Body of Christ, and is called to take up the work of Christ with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom – We believe God has inaugurated the  reign of God in the lives of those who follow Christ, and we believe that reign will come to a future fulfillment in the victorious return of Christ.

As United Methodists, we have some special emphases:

Growth in Holiness – We believe that God yearns for every person to be in relationship with God through Christ. Once a person enters that relationship through faith, they are redeemed from their sins and welcomed into a new way of living. And that’s not the end of the story! We believe God works in every believer to make us more like Jesus. It’s a process, but we believe this is the work of God’s love within us.

Faith in Action – Our faith is not something lived out in private – a relationship with God changes a person’s entire life! We believe followers of Jesus are called to take up their part in the work of transforming the world to look more like God’s Kingdom.

If you want to learn more about United Methodist beliefs, or how we have arrived at those beliefs, you can find more information on the denomination’s website.